16. Test Version 6! Come play!

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16. Test Version 6! Come play!

Postby William » Wed Nov 13, 2019 10:03 pm

Download: http://www.key2heaven.com/k2hgame/KeyToHeavenTestV6.rar

https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... height=883

* Added a lot of new maps.
* Moved Oracle boss from below temple and adjusted droprate from him.
* A new castle.
* Many new exp areas added with new monsters.
* New monster graphics.
* Also new monsters with balanced exp for players with lower armor class.
* Added button sfx to some places I forgot.
* New stat menu. Display the actual bonuses for the stats as well.
* A new Inventory.
* Ability to delete items in inventory.
* Shop menu improved.
* Hovering equiped items now shows a box around them.
* A menu is shown when pressing trash on an item asking if you want to trash it or not.
* Removed old description menu + code.
* New spell description menu.
* Added new info on spell menu.
* Showing duration for boost spells on the new spell description menu.
* Fixed spell hotkeys being of by 1.
* Added so that you can ignore chat channels.
* All channels now have different colors in the chat.
* Rebalanced a lot of items.
* Changed max reborn to 2. Each reborn now gives 5 lvls worth of statpoints.
* Changed npc/item editors so that I can more easily balance the game in the future.
* Dont render leggings if wearing a robe.
* Lowered max upgrade on items to 3 in average.
* Balanced all items+spells.
* Rebalanced all monster exp.
* Bosses now gives a lot more EXP.
* Changed/added drops for monsters.
* Rebalanced player EXP levels.
* And lets finish with a new area so you have something to look at
* Added new setting to option menu to toggle vitals.
* Fixed so vitals show even if bar is lower than the text width is.
* Fixed so menus are not discolored when moved outside screen or above other menus.
* When fighting multiple monsters, all of their damage will now be shown above player.
* New settings added to show/hide playername/skill indicators.
* Exp is now shared between party members.
* Improved server data handling.
* Rewrote ban handling. Can now ban accounts and/or IPs.
* Fixed so guild members cant invite other players.
* Restructured guilds so they no longer have a max guild member count.
* Cleaned up server code from old unused stuff.
* New option to toggle sound notification on for new chat messages.
* Restructured exp so it's easier maintained in the future.
* Many new regions for gathering resources. Different regions can also require different skill level and hence give different rewards.
* Added an extra resource region before heaven.
* Added a reset skills button so it's easier to try out different skills for testing purposes.
* When a HC player dies and leaves the game. The name is no longer empty.
* Multiple different spells can now be rendered at the same time. Ie, if your pet casts spell at same time as you both will be visible.
* Improved spell targeting.
* Added sfx for counterattack and entangle.
* Added a new setting to play a sound when a PM is received.
* Showing skill lvl required when right clicking tile that is either farming, fishing or mining.
* NPCs can now move on farming,mining,fishing tiles.