Key To Heaven - Install Guide



Begin by downloading the game, it will take roughly 1minute depending on your internet connection. After that is done, you will need winzip or winrar to extract it.



After you have used winzip or winrar to extract it, you will need to test the game to see if it works. So open KeyToHeaven.exe In many cases, people enconter error(s) at startup because your missing .dll and/or .ocx file(s). If this is the case for you, you need to install the Libraryfiles.exe located in the game folder. Just install it where it says, it's completly safe. If you still enconter error, it's most likely that it says your missing a file. These errors are very easy to fix. There is also another file in the download page called Visual Basic 6.0 Service Pack 6. That file is located on microsofts website so that is safe as well. It includes several dll and ocx files that are required for visual basic applications. Don't worry, they are not harmfull in anyway, dll and ocx files are like a book in real life. The game reads from them in order to work. If that fails you are free to ask on the forum for help at anytime and I can promiss you I'll quickly help you to get it working. But if you don't want to wait for a respons you can always google for the file and put it in the game folder. There are also further help on solving errors in the Support page. Good luck!