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Frequently asked Questions


Is it free to play?

Key To Heaven is and will always be 100% free to play. However you can pay for some extra featuers in the game but they do not effect the overall balance. So a non-paying player will be just as good as those who pay.


What kind of game is this?

This is a 2d Online Role Playing Game with custom made pixel graphics. The game is based upon leveling, questing and fighting against other players. To become the riches or the most famous fighter in the land of Marovia.


Can you fight against other players?

Player versus player starts at level 5. That way you will have some time to get used to the game before you can start killing other players. However it's very easy to become level 5 so there isn't much waiting really. This is a pvp based game so get used to kill and being killed. And remember that there is a drop rate on your equipment and inventory so you will loose plenty of items when you die.


How does the guild system work?

The guild system allows 10 members, I don't want the guilds to be too big because I rather have more guilds fighting each other. You can first create a guild when you reach level 5. There are 3 types of positions in the guild: Guild Leader, Reqruier and Member.